Woman 'suffers six puncture wounds as she is mauled by fox while sleeping in bed at her London home'

Sean Morrison
'Traumatised': Jodie Nailard was bitten while sleeping in her flat in Clapham

A young Londoner has told how she was savaged by a fox which crept onto her bed and attacked her as she slept.

Jodie Nailard, 22, suffered six puncture wounds as she was bitten on the bicep in the horrific incident on Sunday, according to reports.

She was forced to spend two days fearing she may have contracted rabies after the animal attacked her in her home in Clapham, south-west London, the Sun reported.

Ms Nailard, a PA, told the newspaper how she woke up in agony after she was bitten before seeing the fox at the end of her bed.

She said: “My left bicep was throbbing with pain and covered in blood and I wondered what the hell had happened.”

After spotting the animal on her bed she screamed and burst into tears before kicking the fox, which then ran out of the door.

Her boyfriend Harry, a media production assistant who lives with Ms Nailard, said he spotted the fox was still lurking outside.

He threw pillows to drive it away.

Ms Nailard said: “I’m just grateful it didn’t go for my face.”

She was vaccinated against rabies, tetanus and polio and is now recovering at home.

The animal is believed to have snuck into the ground-floor flat through open patio doors.