And here's your compo ... all 400kg of it! Restaurant who attacked couple who complained about poor hygiene pay compensation in 100,000 coins

Bank staff counts 100,000 coins (REX/HAP/Quirky China News)

A Chinese restaurant ordered to pay compensation for attacking a customer added insult to the diner's injury - by giving her the payout in 100,000 coins.

Wu Qian and her husband were eating at a restaurant in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, when they complained about the establishment's poor hygiene - but furious staff became enraged and attacked the couple instead.

A court ordered the restaurant to pay the couple 68,000 Yuan (£7,101) in compensation, when the couple arrived at the restaurant to receive their money they got another shock.

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The pair were handed 10,000 Yuan of the compensation in eight enormous bags filled with a total of 100,000 coins - which weighed a massive 400kg.

Further to her ordeal, Wu was then forced to call all of the banks in the city to find one that was willing to take and exchange the coins.

It was only the Industrial and Trade Bank of China who was able to deal with the coins - but had to designate a team of 18 staff to count them.