Woman and Baby Rescued From Flooding Home in Missouri

A mother and her 9-month-old daughter were rescued by boat in Missouri, after over 9 inches of rain fell in record-breaking flooding July 25 to 26.

This video shows the catastrophic flooding in the St Louis area on July 26, as Victorria Adams, who recorded this video, holds her baby in her arms. “I went outside, and the water was all up the sidewalks. It literally was up to my knees. I’m 5-foot-8,” Adams told Storyful.

At about 7 in the morning on July 26, her building began to flood, Adams told Storyful. The video shows her on her balcony watching others, figuring out how to get out, she said. “It took awhile for the boats to come help,” Adams said. “They made it to us at 11 am.”

The governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency, while the County of St Louis declared a local state of emergency.

The National Weather Service reported record-breaking rainfall as the catalyst of the flood. “More rain fell in parts of the metro area Tuesday morning than on any other day in over 100 years,” the St Louis National Weather Service wrote in a tweet on July 26. Over 9 inches of rain fell over 24 hours on July 25 to 26. Credit: Victorria Adams via Storyful

Video transcript


VICTORRIA ADAMS: Look at my car, y'all.

Like, this is what I'm not trying to do.

I'm not going crazy.

We got our boat. Our boat has arrived, Mary.


Oh, my gosh.

How'd my window get down?

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