Woman booked £200 plane ticket for dad's wedding before realising mistake

Llarissa Pye.
-Credit: (Image: Llarissa Pye / SWNS)

A woman flew a staggering 1,700 miles from Lanzarote to the UK for her dad's wedding one year early - all because of a phone call mix-up.

Llarissa Pye, 29, was over the moon when she heard her dad and his partner of three years, both 53, were tying the knot after getting engaged in December 2023.

Living the dream on the sunny shores of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands for nearly a decade, Llarissa had originally discovered her love for the island during a mate's birthday getaway.

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But excitement turned to confusion when, after receiving a call about the wedding date from her dad, she misunderstood him, thinking he said the big day was the following Saturday - which happened to be his birthday. In a flurry, she booked a £200 one-way ticket without hesitation.

Despite numerous conversations that followed, the penny didn't drop until Llarissa was already on the plane, moments from departure on May 31, 2024.

The blunder left her family in stitches, yet Llarissa made the most of it, treating herself to a short break in the UK before jetting back to Lanzarote on June 4, 2024

Llarissa, who is employed at a bike rental shop and resides in Puerto del Carmen, shared: "So when they booked the dates it was about midnight for me.

"My dad must have said 'it's on my birthday next year'. But I heard 'we're sorry it's short notice, we understand if you can't make it'.

"I had to ask a girl to change shifts last minute. I'd sent my flights through but they hadn't seen it said 2024.

Llarissa Pye
Llarissa Pye -Credit:Llarissa Pye / SWNS

"On Friday morning I text them to say 'I'm at the airport, see you in a few hours'. They tried to ring me but my phone was in sleep mode.

"I was about to take off and I saw all the messages. I called my dad and he said 'Llarissa, the wedding isn't until next year'.

"We were just laughing down the phone."

Llarissa had booked a four-hour trip back to her hometown of Frodsham, Cheshire, in haste when she mistakenly thought her dad had announced his wedding for June 2, 2024. Despite the mix-up, she made the most of her visit.

She got to try on a bridesmaid dress and spent time with friends and family before flying back on a £30 ticket.

Llarissa shared: "They are still laughing about it now. Most people have said 'how did you manage that? It's not like we didn't communicate.

"A guess a year is short notice for my dad. I've got time to fix my tan lines now.

"It's all fun. I'm usually fairly organised. I've never been a year early."

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