Woman Born Incapable Of Feeling Pain Feels It For The First Time

She quite 'enjoyed' being burned with a laser


A woman who was born incapable of feeling pain has felt it for the first time, thanks to a drug often given to dying addicts.

She was burned with a laser after being given the drug naloxone.

‘I think she quite enjoyed the experiment,’ said John Wood of University College London.

Her condition is rare - caused by a genetic condition which means nerve cells cannot communicate pain - but children born with it often hurt themselves by chewing their own fingers, toes and lips.

The woman, who wished to remain nameless, said that she hoped the experiment might help others with the condition.

The research - using the drug naloxone, an opioid blocker often given to overdosing addicts - could lead to new pain treatments, although the researchers urged caution.

‘Opioids and Nav1.7 blockers could provide much stronger analgesics, but they will not necessarily be better for patients,’ Wood said.

‘If we take the combination therapy route, people would have to take opioids throughout the lifetime, which is not a welcome thing.’