Woman caught on surveillance camera abandoning two-year-old on a stranger's doorstep

Police in Texas have released footage of a woman abandoning a toddler on a stranger’s doorstep.

The surveillance camera footage, taken at around 8.20pm on October 17, shows the woman walking up to the door of the home in Spring, Texas, with the two-year-old and ringing the doorbell then knocking the door.

She then leaves the boy along with two bags, thought to be his belongings, before returning to a car and leaving.

The woman is pictured dragging the boy up to the door then ringing the bell (Picture: YouTube/Montgomery County Sheriffs)
After ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door, the woman runs off, leaving the child on the doorstep (Picture: YouTube/Montgomery County Sheriffs)

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said the owner of the home on Legends Ridge Drive had called 911 to report that she heard a knock at the door and when she answered it, found the two-year-old standing alone on the doorstep.

When she and police officers looked back at her video surveillance they saw the whole incident unfold.

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Police said: “The suspect is observed running toward the front door of the residence while lifting the child in the air by one arm.

“Once the suspect arrives at the front door she rings the door bell, knocks on the door and then flees back to her vehicle abandoning the two-year-old child and two bags she was carrying. The entire incident lasted 23 seconds.”

Police released the footage and pictures of the woman in order to identify her (Picture: Montgomery County Sheriffs)

Police said the child hadn’t been injured and appeared to be in good health. He was looked after by Child Protective Services after the incident.

The boy has since been named in reports as Royal Prince Simmons, whose father was believed to live next door to the house where he was abandoned.