Woman caught trying to steal £430 worth of cosmetics from Marks & Spencer

Woman Stealing Compact Makeup Powder In Retail Store. Shoplifting Theft Crime
-Credit: (Image: AndreyPopov)

A woman was stopped by a security guard in Marks & Spencer as she tried to walk out with hundreds of pounds worth of beauty products. The guard at the store in Gallowtree Gate, Leicester city centre, had been watching Naomi Anthony, 35, taking the items from the shelves in the shop.

The items were worth £431.20 in total. When the police arrived to arrest her she told them: "I'm guilty. I have a fine to pay. I'm shoplifting."

The incident, on Thursday, June 13, was the second shoplifting offence she had committed that week. Two days earlier she had taken two purses, worth £26 in total, from Next in Thurmaston.

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The Marks and Spencer store's main entrance, in Gallowtree Gate
The items were taken from the M&S in Gallowtree Gate -Credit:Chris Gordon

At Leicester Magistrates' Court last Wednesday (July 3) Anthony, of Eastfield Road, Thurmaston, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft from a shop. Prosecutor Sally Bedford told the magistrates the defendant "did have a number of previous convictions".

Shabir Mirza, representing Anthony, told the court his client had no excuse for why she was shoplifting or any recollection of the incidents. He said she had mental health problems including a brain injury.

He said: "She is a lady who is not well. She hasn't been well for a significant amount of time. She doesn't have any reason for, or recollections of, her actions due to her mental health problems."

The magistrates agreed to his suggestion that Anthony be ordered to pay £26 in compensation to Next for the handbags, which were never recovered. No further costs were ordered.