Woman charged with murder after newborn baby found dead in garden

Police say it is a ‘significant development’ in the investigation (PA Wire)
Police say it is a ‘significant development’ in the investigation (PA Wire)

A woman has been charged with murder after a baby was found dead in a garden.

Police said it was a significant development in a “complex and sensitive investigation” that had followed the discovery of the newborn’s body in Somerset nearly two years ago.

Sarah Jayne Barron from Weston-super-Mare was charged with one count of murder in the early hours of Tuesday and is due to appear in court later.

It comes nearly two years after a newborn was found dead in a private garden in Weston-super-Mare in December 2020.

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A man previously arrested in connection with the investigation has been released without charge with no further action being taken against him, according to Avon and Somerset Police.

Iain Jenkins from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said on Tuesday: “The CPS has authorised a charge of murder in relation to the death of a newborn baby on 4 December 2020.”

He said this followed a “detailed investigation” by the major crime investigation team from Avon and Somerset Police.

“An extensive review of all the evidence led to us concluding that our legal tests to commence a prosecution were met,” Mr Jenkins said.

Detective Superintendent Gary Haskins from Avon and Somerset Police said on Tuesday: “This is a significant development in what has been a complex and sensitive investigation.

“We know this update will impact on the local community where the incident happened, and we’d encourage anyone with concerns or worries to speak to their local Neighbourhood Policing team.”