A woman claims to have met actor Tom Holland after two months of "manifestation"

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A woman claims to have met actor Tom Holland after two months of "manifestation". Stephanie Skippon, 21, runs a Marvel fan account and had dreamt of meeting her favourite actor for years. She started to "manifest" an encounter in March, where she thought positively and told herself and her friends daily "I will meet Tom Holland this year". Just two months later, while on holiday in Scotland, super-fan Stephanie bumped into the 'Spiderman' actor after he'd finished a round of golf at the hotel she was staying in. Stephanie, from Durham, County Durham said: "I honestly didn't think it was real, I had to pinch myself afterwards. It was everything that I imagined and more. "Dreams really do come true if you believe they will - everything is possible, even the impossible." She first saw Tom in 'The Impossible', but her interest really grew when she saw him in Marvel flick 'Captain America: Civil War'. She started a fan account on Instagram, @steph.does.marvel, and her friend even bought her a life size cardboard cut-out of the star for her 21st birthday. "She said 'seeing as you can't meet the real one yet, this is the next best thing!'" said Stephanie, who is studying for a diploma in Fashion Styling. "I'm just known to everyone as the 'Marvel Queen' on Instagram. "There are so many reasons I'm such a big fan of Tom's; I love how he does pretty much all his stunts in the Marvel films, which shows how dedicated he is to the films. "Overall I think he is such an amazing and down to earth person, he treats each fan the same." Stephanie was so keen to meet her idle and thank him for her favourite movies, that she started trying to manifest an encounter. Manifestation is the pseudoscientific practice of thinking aspirational thoughts with the goal of turning them into a reality. After discovering it on TikTok, Stephanie Googled the '555 method' where you write down your specific desire 55 times for 5 days in a row. She said: "Manifestation is new to me and I didn't really know if it worked. "I kept positive during me manifesting. "You just have to keep an open mind about what you want, and you have to believe it's going to happen "I just kept saying each day to myself and also to my friends that I will meet Tom Holland this year, and not at a convention." Stephanie booked a minibreak at the five-star Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland as a 50th birthday gift for her mum Karen Gregg. She booked a table at the golf course restaurant 'The Dormy' in advance for May 10 to celebrate. She said: "The day before our reservation, I saw on Twitter that he was up in Scotland visiting his brother, I recognised the hotel in the background and it was Gleneagles. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would actually see him there as the place was huge." After enjoying their meal, they headed to an outdoor hotel bar, and after about twenty minutes spotted three young men coming for a drink. Eagle-eyed Stephanie said: "I didn't recognise them at first because they had their golf caps on, but as soon as they took them off I instantly recognised them. "They walked straight past our table, said hello, and sat about five feet away from us." Not wanting to bother him, Stephanie waited for about 45 minutes before taking a deep breath and approaching the 25-year-old actor. She said: "At first before I approached him, I was really nervous - I was shaking so much, I could barely hold me glass still! "I casually walked up to him and said 'hi Tom, how are you?' "He asked me if we had a good day, and he wished my mum a happy birthday. "He was telling me that he spent most of the day on the golf course, and that he didn't do very well that day. "At the end of the conversation he said 'it was so lovely to meet you, I hope to see you again soon and drive home safely'. "It was just like talking to an old friend." Reeling from her chat with her hero, Stephanie made a video for TikTok showing photos of her with her cut-out Tom and the real Tom, that now has over 800,000 views. She said: "I've dreamed about meeting Tom for the longest time and it finally came true. "Never give up on your dreams, even when people put you down and say it will never happen don't listen to them!"

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