A woman who claims to be the one-night stand that saved Sean Lock's life during the 90s says she spotted he had skin cancer

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A woman who claims to be the one-night stand that saved Sean Lock's life during the 90s says she spotted he had skin cancer - while the comedian made her bacon and eggs. Terina Mallows, 55, noticed the a misshapen mole while the TV funnyman was cooking her breakfast at his North London flat almost 30 years ago. Topless Sean is said to have been in the kitchen with his back facing lover Tina when she jabbed his back to point out the marking. The comment prompted the late 8 out of 10 Cats star to get it checked out and he repeatedly credited her as "saving his life". She met the comedian - who passed away aged 58 last month - in the early 1990s at one of his gigs when he was beginning to make a name for himself in comedy circles. The pair met up three times during which Terina - who also goes by Tina - pointed the mark on Sean's back which later turned out to be a malignant melanoma. Sean went to a doctor's appointment later that week but the pair parted ways before Tina was made aware of her life-saving comment. Back in 2010, the comedian said during an interview: "I was with a girl called Tina one night and if I hadn't been, well, I'd be dead now." Tina, from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, said: "Obviously it was a very long time ago and we weren't love's young dream. "But he was such a nice man. "It was the morning after and I still felt horrifically hungover as we had been out drinking the night before. "I told him I needed to go to the old man's cafe to get some breakfast in me before I drove back to mine. "But he turned round and said 'I've got bacon and eggs here' I'll make you something. "He had his top off and had his back facing me. "It was quite obvious. "I jabbed him where the spot was and in jest said "You've got skin cancer!" "He kind of freaked out and said 'What? Really? Where?' and to perfectly honest I was probably still a bit drunk from the night before. "I said 'Where I've just prodded you' and then suggested he get it checked out. "We met up once more after that before we went our separate ways. It didn't end on bad terms. "We had the chat and said this has been nice but we were looking for something else. "I had no idea how serious it was or that I was the one to save his life! "I have the TV or the radio on while I'm working from home and when it said he had died I was shocked. "It was being spoken about all day and because I knew him it just felt a bit more personal. "It was only when he died that I was reading bits online. "He's obviously been a household name for a while and I only found out about this when I started reading bits online. "I was reading news articles about his life then noticed he was thanking a woman called Tina. "To think it was all those years ago and he said to the world I saved him is just so nice. "He was just such a lovely bloke. It's just strange to think he's gone." This video was shot on the 31st August 2021.

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