Woman claims AT&T ‘ruined’ her day with $6,000 phone bill: ‘I wish this was a joke’

A woman alleged AT&T saddled her with an almost $6,000 phone bill.

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TikToker Lulú Tovar claimed she spoke on the phone for an hour and a half with customer service about the issue. Despite representatives telling her the bill would be $120, it remained unchanged. The comment section was abuzz with many saying similar things happened to them.

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“I wish this was a joke. AT&T really making me want to KMS today,” the video text read.

Tovar showed a screenshot of her $5,973.98 bill — due on Sept. 14.

“My whole day is ruined. I spent an 1.5 hour on the phone with customer service crying. Ive called multiple times in the past few weeks & everyone told me my bill was going to be $120. Idk how this happens,” she wrote in the caption.

Tovar elaborated in the comments, alleging that AT&T screwed up her plan after she added another line. Last month, the company accidentally charged her $400, then credited her account.

“Supposedly told me everything was fine but they’ve been charging per usage for data & text ($2 per MB!),” Tovar said.

People on TikTok shared their AT&T horror stories.

“I used to work for AT&T in store. Same thing happened to me. Speak with the Loyalty/Retention Department,” someone said.

“File a complaint with the FCC against AT&T. Something similar happened to me, and they took care of it right away. Didn’t have to pay anything,” another advised.

“They have done this to me. They wiped my account to $0. I called and confirmed. They said not to worry about it. 2 months later? Nearly 2k I owe,” a person claimed.

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