Australian mother appears in court after hitting daughter with wooden spoon

A woman was charged with assault after hitting her child with a wooden spoon (Picture: Getty)

A mother in Australia appeared in court charged with assault after smacking her daughter with a wooden spoon.

The 35-year-old was handed a suspended fine and a spent conviction after she was found to have used an unnecessary amount of force when she hit her nine-year-old with the spoon, leaving her bruised.

She has told reporters that she panicked after seeing her daughter eating meat for their dogs that had worming tablets in it.

According to WA Today, the woman appeared at Perth Magistrate’s on Wednesday, where she pleaded guilty and was handed a suspended $750 fine and a spent conviction.

The presiding magistrates reportedly told her that by her plea she accepted that the force she used was more than necessary but he was satisfied it wouldn’t happen again.

The woman appeared at Perth Magistrate's Court (Picture: Google Maps)

The woman told Nine News Perth she panicked when she caught her daughter eating hamburger meat at their home in October last year.

"I panicked and out of frustration, having a lot of difficulties with her behaviour I just had a moment of frustration," she said.

"It was the extreme panic thinking, 'did I put that medication in those burgers?' The fact that she could have been on the floor frothing at the mouth, that was my main thought."


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She said she cried most days over the aftermath of the incident, adding: "There are so many other people out there who deserve to go through what I've gone through and they're sort of putting all their time and effort onto me."

She also said she still believed in disciplining children and showing that they “can't get away with doing naughty stuff”, asking: "How do we do that now these days?"

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