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Woman delights TikTok with her ‘Bluey’-inspired outfits

Bluey has become a beloved show with both kids and parents and has even built up a cult following online. So when one woman on TikTok recently put together a round-up of outfits inspired by Bluey characters, it was an instant hit.

Meg (@megwithmegd) posted the viral video and describes herself as something of a “fangirl” in her TikTok bio. You only need to scroll briefly through her page to see what she means since she has videos devoted to everything from Pokémon to Star Wars.

But her Bluey-inspired outfits took off in a big way, and the video has more than 2.3 million views.

In it, she dons a blue-and-yellow plaid skirt with a cable-knit sweater to channel the show’s main character, Bluey. Next comes his little sister, Bingo, which Meg emulates with an oversized brown sweatshirt and cream-colored skirt.

A pair of high-waisted blue dress pants and a silky tan blouse transform her into Bandit, Bluey’s much-loved dad, and a dark beige pantsuit with a long-sleeved shirt perfectly captures Chilli, Bluey’s mom.

The looks just continue from there, with Meg channeling more beloved characters like Muffin, Pom Pom, Chloe, and Indy (to name a few).

Right away, viewers were obsessed.

“THIS IS AMAZING,” commented one person.

“Omg your Indy is perfection!” said another.

“bingo fit you perfectly imo,” someone else chimed in.

The video was such a hit that TikTokers begged her for a Part 2, which she quickly delivered.

The follow-up video features even more adorable looks inspired by Socks, Snickers, and other members of the Bluey gang. And once again, TikTokers couldn’t stop raving about it.

“Nailed it!!” wrote one commenter. “The Socks outfit is my personal favorite!!”

“You and each of these outfits are adorable,” someone else told her.

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