Woman describes life on board Diamond Princess as passengers allowed out on deck for first time since quarantine

A passenger aboard the quarantined cruise ship Diamond Princess in the Port of Yokohama explains what it is like for those aboard. Yardley Wong was on the cruise ship to celebrate Chinese New Year and her wedding anniversary with family when the vessel was quarantined. The footage shows the deck where passengers can be seen moving freely for the first time in three days. Wong, who is from Hong Kong, can be heard saying: "All passengers are having their relaxation here. "We can feel the freedom here, a freedom of breathing air, the freedom of interacting with human beings and seeing the nature and the city. "At least we feel alive instead of [being] stuck in the cabin. "We can only stay on deck for thirty minutes." Wong later told Newsflare that her family of seven are all on board but only herself, husband and son have been tested for the virus. "[We] haven’t got the result back yet. "But since all first tests are complete, I believe we got negative. "[We] feel good and can relax now but hope there are no more infected passengers." During the video another boat thought to be the Japanese authorities can be seen bringing supplies. The filmer explains that the Japanese authorities are "really trying their best" to help the passengers. Different parts of the ship's accommodation have been sectioned off while tests are carried out, meaning not all passengers can interact with each other. Japanese authorities confirmed that 61 passengers - who have since been taken off the ship - tested positive for coronavirus.