Woman dies after being gored by elephant in Kruger National Park

Sharon Marris, News Reporter

A woman has died after being gored by an elephant, and another seriously injured, following an attack in South Africa.

The wildlife park employees had been near Mopani Camp in Kruger National Park on Thursday afternoon when the elephants approached.

Jaco Gericke, of emergency services Maponya 911, told local newspaper Lowvelder that paramedics had been called and were accompanied by rangers with rifles.

"The elephant tusk entered her lower back and exited her chest," Mr Gericke said.

She also had a severe open fracture to her left knee, he added.

The elephant is said to have disappeared into the bush after the incident.

"I don't know if he was part of a herd, said Mr Gericke. "The elephant was already gone when we arrived."

Officials are investigating the woman's death. The details of the injuries sustained by the other woman are unclear.

There have been rare reports of elephants killing or injuring villagers in parts of Africa.

They are sometimes attacked by villagers trying to protect their crops.

Kruger National Park, one of South Africa's best-known wildlife parks, has seen a few instances of elephants charging cars which get too close.

In December 2013, one elephant charged at a car carrying British woman Sarah Brooks and a South African man.

One of the tusks stabbed her in the thigh, while the man had minor injuries.