Woman 'feared for her life' as she was attacked by dogs outside home

Catherine was left shaken and says that she's still in shock after the incident
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

A woman said she feared for her life when she was attacked by two dogs just outside her home. Catherine, 66, who preferred not to give her surname, suffered puncture wounds to her face and side and had to receive a tetanus shot.

Catherine, from Chingford in East London, was on her doorstep when the attack happened. She was left shaken and said she's still in shock more than three weeks after the incident.

Catherine, who is retired, said: "I was scared to death. I thought they were going to kill me. It's made me a bag of nerves and I'm still in shock. If it was a child getting attacked, it could have been fatal."

Catherine was enjoying the sunshine on her doorstep when one of the dogs playfully approached. As the second dog joined in, both animals got riled up and launched their attack, she said.

She said the owner of the dogs, who was standing nearby, intervened and pulled the dogs off. Catherine's son Mark said his mum had been living in fear of the dogs, which belong to a neighbour.

Mark said: "My mum has been living in fear of these dogs for a long time. She loves dogs, having raised them my entire life and she currently owns Jack Russels, so she knew to stay down when the dogs were on top of her, instead of getting up and aggravating them."

He said the dogs were about a year old and were often heard barking ou the garden all day, adding: "When they're inside the house, they're still barking and banging themselves up against walls."

Catherine suffered puncture wounds to her face and side
Catherine suffered puncture wounds to her face and side -Credit:SWNS

Catherine reported the incident to the police, but decided not to pursue it any further.

Mark said: "She has even contacted her local MP to see if she can move house because she doesn't feel safe. There haven't been any other attacks with these dogs, as far as I'm aware, but I think that's just because they're kept cooped up all day.

"I think the fact that we haven't heard anything from the police when they have all the evidence is a massive shame, especially since they're meant to be cracking down. Who knows, next time it could be a child."

The Metropolitan Police did not confirm the dogs' breed, but said in a statement: "Police were called at about 5.32pm on Friday, May 10, to reports of an incident where a woman was allegedly attacked by two dogs. The woman attended hospital and her injuries were not believed to be significant.

"Officers met with the victim as part of a scheduled appointment on Sunday, May 12. No arrests have been made. Enquiries into the circumstances are ongoing."