Woman who feared she'd lose her singing voice "de-transitions" back to female

A woman has decided to "de-transition" back to living as a female after identifying as a transgender man for 15 years - after fearing she wouldn't be able to sing again.

Singer Cat Cattinson, 30, grew up as a female but identified as male from the age of 13.

She only started to transition to become a man in March 2020 - after spending years struggling with gender dysphoria.

She started taking testosterone which saw her voice drop and she went by the name of Tony.

Cat had been planning top surgery - to remove her breasts - but started to feel nauseous and experience heart palpitations when she took testosterone.

As a singer, Cat was also worried she would lose her "high-pitched" voice, so she chose to stop transitioning and stopped the injections in September 2020.

It was then that she realised she was happier female - so she decided to de-transition.

It took Cat a year to de-transition and "look womanly" again, but she is hoping she can continue singing now she has her voice back- despite it not being the same.

Cat, a student and musician, from Santa Cruz, Northern California, US, said: "It was so easy to get testosterone - they didn't require any tests or therapy.

"I was surprised at how quickly they gave it to me."

"But suddenly my voice dropped loads and I sounded like I'd been smoking all my life. I didn't recognise myself anymore.

"I'd been a singer all my life and I worried about what it would mean if I kept going."

"It was becoming painful to sing and I realised that I might never be able to again, so I stopped taking the testosterone."

It took a year for Cat to fully de-transition back to a woman at the age of 30, despite only taking the injections for four months.