Woman filmed applying make-up while driving on motorway during police crackdown

Undated handout photo issued by National Highways of a motorist applying her make-up while travelling along the M40 in the morning traffic. National Highways released footage of 'shocking' incidents, filmed by Warwickshire Police officers. Issue date: Friday May 24, 2024.
-Credit: (Image: Copyright remains with handout provider)

A woman was caught on camera applying make-up while driving and a man was seen steering a van with his knees while eating fast food. Shocking footage has been released by National Highways capturing the dangerous antics of some reckless drivers on our motorways.

Warwickshire Police officers used their unmarked lorry cab to secretly film these alarming incidents. The actions caught on camera included a woman applying makeup during rush-hour traffic on the M40 and a man steering his van with his knees on the M6 near Coventry's Corley Services, all while indulging in a McDonald's meal.

Another worrying snapshot showed a woman checking messages on her handset and even using her laptop while navigating the M40.

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This footage was released as part of a forthcoming "week of action" starting from June 3, aimed at dealing with unsafe drivers on the M6. These shocking incidents are just a glimpse into the 63 offences recorded as part of the recent phase of the Operation Tramline campaign by National Highways.

A van driver driving without his hands on the wheel eating fast food on the M6 in Coventry
A van driver driving without his hands on the wheel eating fast food -Credit:PA Media

Commenting on the dangerous driving observed, Matt Staton, National Highways head of national road user safety delivery, said: "We know that the shocking examples identified by police in our unmarked cabs are carried out by a small minority and, thankfully, that most of the drivers on our roads are part of the law-abiding majority."

"However, those who continue to take risks such as using their mobile phone at the wheel or other things that mean that their hands are off the wheel are putting themselves and others in danger."

"The week of action aims to make all of our roads safer by raising awareness and encouraging motorists to think carefully about their driving."

"Meanwhile, thanks to our Tramline HGVs, police have been able to put a stop to incidents of driving which could have very easily resulted in serious harm on the road."

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