Woman finds that Tinder isn't just a dating app, it's also great for unsolicited advice about toilet paper

Hana Michels uses a funny photo of herself for her dating profile. However, men take it as an opportunity to tell her that she hangs her toilet paper wrong. (Photo: Hana Michels via Twitter)

It seems that this woman found quite the abundance of passion on a dating app. Unfortunately, instead of a passionate love affair, it was men passionately telling her that she hangs her toilet paper wrong.

Dating applications, as a concept, can feel pretty ridiculous. You upload a few flattering photos of yourself, try to create a witty bio, say how far you’re willing to travel to date someone, and hope for the best.

Hana Michels, a 30-year-old comedian and writer for Bunny Ears, approaches the ridiculousness of Tinder by introducing herself in a humorous way to potential suitors.

Truly an iconic profile worthy of a right swipe.

Michels, who is bisexual, has had the profile for about a year, and it’s a great case study in how different genders react to specific stimuli.

For example, men continually comment that she hangs her toilet paper incorrectly. Women have never brought this up.

It’s possible that men think that pointing out her poor toilet paper form is a quirky opening line — however, telling a woman that she does something so unimportant incorrectly doesn’t really scream “Marry me.”

(Personally, I think the best route would be to compliment her on her oral hygiene.)

“I get typical negs and pickup lines and stuff, but the amount of responses that focus on that tiny roll of toilet paper in the background is stunning,” Michels told BuzzFeed. She even said that some men are less attracted to her because of how she inserted the toilet paper roll, with the sheet coming from underneath rather than over the top. 

The proper toilet paper position is the subject of an ongoing debate, but according to science, the “right way” is to hang it so that the loose end is over the roll.

Is a person’s toilet paper roll technique a real deal-breaker? As long as it doesn’t leave you stranded with no toilet paper, it probably shouldn’t affect future relationships.

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