Woman fractured spine after jumping out of window to escape violent partner - 'Can you imagine the fear?'

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The woman locked herself in the bathroom after her partner lost his temper and became violent. Stock image (Getty)
The woman locked herself in the bathroom after her partner lost his temper and became violent. (Stock image, Getty)

Police have praised a "brave" woman who fractured her spine after jumping out of a first-floor window to escape her violent partner.

Northamptonshire Police said Curtis Thomas Peachment, 28, had pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and harassment after subjecting his partner to the horrific experience in 2019.

In a powerful Twitter thread, the police praised the actions of the woman saying "can you imagine the level of fear it takes for someone to throw themselves out of a first-floor window?

DC Andrea Taylor paid tribute to this woman outside court after Peachment was convicted, saying: “She has shown immense bravery and I am so proud of her for supporting our case throughout – she has waited a long time for this to get to court and I am pleased that the right result has been achieved."

The police also included several poems and platitudes alongside their Twitter thread and called for any victim of domestic abuse to come forward so they can help.

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The police said the pair had gone on a normal night out but Peachment took issue with how the woman dressed and it made her feel so uncomfortable the night was cut short.

When they returned to Peachment’s home, he immediately began berating her again for how she was dressed leading to the woman deciding to leave.

It was at this point Peachment lost his temper, pulled the woman's shoes off, threw them across the room and stopped her from leaving.

He proceeded to push and hit her before she was able to persuade him to let her go to the bathroom, where she locked herself in.

The police said Peachment became so angry he tried to break in, which led the woman to deciding to climb out of the first floor window where she fell to the ground below.

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Peachment found her outside, and despite the woman screaming at him not to touch her she was taken back inside and an ambulance was called.

As a result of the attack and fall from the window, the woman suffered a fractured vertebrae, a cut to the back of her head, bruising to her eye and a swollen lip.

DC Taylor said: “I cannot overstate the courage it takes for someone who has experienced abuse like this not only to come forward and tell the police, but to support a prosecution, and I hope this case shows that Northamptonshire Police will take reports like this with the seriousness and diligence that they deserve.”

On Twitter, the police followed up with a call for all people who suffer domestic abuse to come forward so the police can help.

They said: "Love should lift you up and make you feel safe and happy.

"It shouldn't make you feel anxious, fearful and controlled.

"If you are suffering in a relationship, please come forward.

"You deserve better. We will believe you.

"You might think you're in too deep but we can help you and will do everything in our power to get you away from that individual safely.

"Remember that despite what they say, you are worthy of kindness."

According to the Office for National statistics, in the year ending March 2019, an estimated 2.4 million adults aged 16 to 74 years old experienced domestic abuse.

In 2015, the police in England and Wales received more than 100 calls relating to domestic abuse every hour.

It is believed the number of domestic abuse cases rose sharply during lockdown as more people were forced to spend longer times at home during stressful circumstances.

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