Woman fumes as grass 'splattered' on headstones at St Pauls Cemetery in Coventry

Rosemarie Boulton said St Pauls Cemetery in Holbrooks was 'unsightly'
-Credit: (Image: Rosemarie Boulton)

A woman has fumed about grass being 'splattered' on headstones in Coventry. Rosemarie Boulton described the state of St Pauls Cemetery in recent weeks as 'horrendous.'

Teacher Rosemarie said her mum and son are buried at St Pauls Cemetery on Jackson Road in Holbrooks. She spends hours maintaining both graves, including trimming the grass every few weeks, the 63-year-old told CoventryLive.

Grass was found 'splattered' on a number of headstones when the area was mowed in recent days, Rosemarie claimed. Coventry City Council said they were 'aware' of the issue and have offered to meet with her to 'discuss these concerns.'

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Speaking to CoventryLive, Rosemarie said: “It really does look a mess. It does look unsightly. It is dreadful because I look at the graves and I think the state of them is very sad to see.”

Grass has been 'splattered' on a number of headstones at St Pauls Cemetery in Holbrooks
Grass has been 'splattered' on a number of headstones at St Pauls Cemetery in Holbrooks -Credit:Rosemarie Boulton

She added: “Of course, we have had some wet weather but when it was dry it was just unbelievable! I mean there are some people that are very old that visit their loved ones and they cannot mow the grass, and I think it is dreadful, I really do.”

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Weeds have also been growing between the headstones at St Pauls Cemetery, which Rosemarie said looks 'horrendous.' She said: “At the moment, they are not spraying anything, they have mowed it, but it has just splattered all over the graves.”

She added: “I put a poppy wreath up because I lost my husband last year, and it took me 45 minutes just to clean that! I am not joking, it was just unbelievable, and the headstone as well I had to clean it all down.

"I just think it is horrendous.” A spokesman for Coventry City Council said: “We are aware of these particular concerns and have offered to meet the resident to discuss.”

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