Woman gets her ex-boyfriend back after she signed up for text service which told her exactly what to do

Natalie Iraola, 28, felt her partner, Diego, 32, was “the one” despite only knowing him for two months and was crushed when their relationship ended.

The pair - who met through mutual friends at a house party in May 2014 - had decided to split after moving in together and finding things too intense.

But Natalie was set on winning her guy back, and Googled ‘how to get your ex-boyfriend back’.

She found a website which offered a text service to guide her to get her boyfriend back.

Natalie got daily text messages which told her what to do and advised her to not be “desperate” and “text him emotionally.”

The couple individually worked on themselves and realised they missed each other and started dating again in September 2014 - and Natalie says their reunion was down to her following the text advice.

Diego proposed in April 2017 and the pair wed a month later in May.

They welcomed their three-year-old daughter, Stella, in June 2019, and Natalie is “so glad” she followed the steps to get Diego back.

Natalie, a HR team leader, from Miami, Florida, US, said: “It shattered my soul when we broke up and I knew in my heart that he was the one.

“I Googled how to get your ex-boyfriend back and found this website called ‘How to get your ex back permanently.’

“I signed up for daily text messages to tell me what to do to achieve that.