Woman with giant dog that costs huge amount to feed every month

Isidora is 5ft 11in tall while Pasha measures around 3ft 4in on all fours (@pashakangal/PA Real Life)
-Credit: (Image: @pashakangal/PA Real Life)

A woman has opened up about life with a 70kg dog that weighs more than she does. The creature stands at an impressive 6ft 1in tall on his hind legs - and she said "it's like walking with a celebrity".

When they are out and about, they get constant attention and requests for photos. Isidora Saveljic, 25, who made the switch from a senior PR account executive to a content creator, lives in London and welcomed Pasha - a Turkish Kangal - into her home around two years ago.

Initially charmed by the "tiny" new addition, Isidora quickly found herself caring for a "huge dog" who now tips the scales at 70kg at nearly three years of age. "If I had a pound for every time someone said to me when I walked him, 'Oh my goodness, is that a horse? When are you going to ride him? ', I think I'd be a millionaire by now," Isidora shared with PA Real Life.

She continued: "It's like walking with a celebrity. Everyone is crowding around you, saying, 'Can I take pictures of him? Can I take videos of him? Can I say hello?'".

Isidora, who refers to Pasha affectionately as her "son", dedicates up to three hours daily to walking him and maintains a diet for him that includes raw meat, fish, and vegetables, with the sizable pup consuming about 1.3kg of food each day.

Isidora is 5ft 11in tall while Pasha measures around 3ft 4in on all fours (@pashakangal/PA Real Life)
Isidora is 5ft 11in tall while Pasha measures around 3ft 4in on all fours -Credit:@pashakangal/PA Real Life

After leaving her PR role in May to concentrate on building their own brand, Isidora is keen to expand their social media reach and educate people about the Turkish Kangal, a breed often misunderstood as aggressive. She aims to dispel myths by showcasing her "intelligent gentle giant" saying: "I'm 5ft 11in and he's roughly 6ft 1in when he stands up, so he's taller than the average guy in London."

She continued: "One misconception is that when you type in 'The Kangal' on TikTok or Instagram, they're often shown as being aggressive. But I think people find our content interesting because Pasha's not like that.

"He is a Kangal but he's like a king in London. He's having his Puppuccino in Starbucks, he's eating raw beef, raw mince. I don't show him in this crazy, aggressive way, I want my audience to see the breed in a different light."

The Kennel Club describes the Turkish Kangal as an active, dominant breed, traditionally used for guarding sheep and livestock. For Isidora, her desire was to own a large, protective dog, initially considering a German Shepherd, yet after thorough research, she discovered Turkish Kangals.

She mentioned that while this breed is "rare and unique" in London, her family located a breeder and she felt the pup was "a perfect match" for them. She expressed her love for him saying: "I love him so much. He's literally like my child, he's a member of the family."

Isidora recalled how Pasha started as a "tiny little speck", no bigger than her forearm, but quickly grew to a "huge" size before her eyes. At just three months old, Isidora noticed that he resembled a fully grown Labrador and now, standing on all fours, he towers at roughly 104cm (3ft 4in) from paw to head.

Isidora cuddling Pasha when he was a puppy
Isidora cuddling Pasha when he was a puppy -Credit:@pashakangal/PA Real Life

Despite his imposing size suggesting otherwise, Isidora describes him as peaceful, gentle, and self-reliant, though she admits he possesses "one of the most powerful barks" she's ever encountered. Pasha is particularly fond of youngsters and enjoys mingling with new faces, with Isidora taking him everywhere, including trips on the Tube and Overground, as well as visits to pubs and cafes.

While some may steer clear due to his grandeur, he usually becomes the centre of attention, amassing a notable reputation in London, where "everyone" recognises him by name. "Every time I walk him, people are just putting their phones up and asking me, 'Can I video him? Can I please take pictures of you? '" Isidora shared adding: "Everyone knows my dog's name, no one knows my name".

Isidora relishes the opportunity to connect with new individuals thanks to Pasha, but also stresses the importance of establishing boundaries and educating people about proper dog interaction, highlighting that owning a pet is a "huge responsibility".

She aims to dispel the "misconceptions about big dogs". And this ambition, coupled with a lack of fulfilment in her prior employment, propelled her towards dedicating her time to content creation on social media platforms.

Isidora described Pasha as an 'intelligent gentle giant' (@pashakangal/PA Real Life)
Isidora described Pasha as an 'intelligent gentle giant' -Credit:@pashakangal/PA Real Life

Isidora's most popular video on Instagram, which showcases her preparing breakfast for Pasha, has captured the attention of many, as she revealed "people really are interested and fascinated by this dog". She revealed that Pasha consumes about 1.3kg of food daily, a crucial aspect of his care given his need for "quality exercise".

His diet is twice-daily and consists of chicken mince, beef mince, oily fish, liver, a chicken carcass, heart, turkey wings, and also includes vegetables, fruits like berries, Greek yoghurt, and goat's milk. She shared that just the meat costs her between £80 to £100 monthly, not including dry dog food and human food expenses - yet she's demonstrated to her audience how to prepare a meal economically, with one costing only £3.60.

"Honestly anything from an animal that you could imagine, he will eat it, and then on the other side, he will eat anything that we eat," she explained. "It sounds crazy, but he eats sandwiches for a snack cheese, Philadelphia, a bit of salami or if I'm making pasta, I'll give him plain pasta and sprinkle Greek yoghurt on there with some Parmesan."

While Isidora values the affection and curiosity from her followers, she often encounters negative and misleading comments online such as "sexist" remarks including "a woman like you shouldn't own a dog like that because you wouldn't be able to handle it." Isidora brushes off the negative comments and shared that most people are "fascinated" by the fact that she is a woman with a large dog, noting it provides her with "protection" and a "power [she's] never had before".

She aims to keep creating educational and entertaining content with Pasha as a "feminist icon", and has aspirations to eventually launch her own business, addressing the needs of larger dogs in the pet market. "My whole message is just be educated, especially with bigger dogs. Enjoy your time with your dog... enjoy the experience and really live the experience as well.

"Having Pasha is one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had in my life." To learn more about Isidora and Pasha, seek out @pashakangal on Instagram.