Woman Goes Viral for Saying She and Her Husband 'Randomly' Pick Which Side of the Bed They Sleep On

Angelina Murphy and her husband say people tell them they're crazy for keeping up their nighttime ritual — but that it works for them

A California couple is getting plenty of feedback about one of their bedtime habits.

“We do not have a regular side of the bed that we sleep on,” Angelina Murphy recently shared in a TikTok post. “Last night I slept on [one] side, and then the night before for about two or three nights in a row I slept on [the other] side.”

“It’s never discussed, we just randomly pick a side where we sleep," added Angelina, who got married to husband Skyler earlier this year. "And whenever this has come up in conversation people act like that is the craziest thing they’ve ever heard."

"But I don’t know, we just never picked a side of the bed," she shared. "So I am bringing it to TikTok to see if it is actually as crazy as everybody says it is."

Since sharing the post earlier this month, the video has already gotten over 1 million views as well as thousands of comments, where most users shared that the found the couple's routine strange.

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“I’m single, and I have a side of my bed,” one follower wrote, as another added, "Bro. My cat has a specific side."

“I think I’m even more surprised that you found each other and are both okay with this," wrote a third, while yet another joked, "do you guys sleep in jeans as well?"

Of the 8,800-plus comments, “less than one percent” agreed with the couple's sleeping arrangement, Angelina told ABC News in an interview.

“After like the third news article we’re like, oh maybe there’s something non-conventional about this habit we have," her husband added.

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<p>Courtesy of Angelina Murphy and Skyler Johnson | <a href="https://www.tiktok.com/@renovatingourhome" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="1">@renovatingourhome</a></p>

Courtesy of Angelina Murphy and Skyler Johnson | @renovatingourhome

In a follow-up video, the couple addressed the thousands of outraged commenters by sharing a little more insight into why the arrangement makes sense for them.

“Everyone wants to know about the nightstand situation. We do have nightstands but there’s barely anything in them," Angelina said. "They’re almost like junk drawers.”

“Another question people had was about phone chargers," she added, before the couple showed off a pair of matching chargers on either side of the bed. “No matter which side we choose to sleep on, we have everything we need.”

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From the content creator’s perspective, she encourages naysayers to open their eyes to change.

“It’s exciting, you never know where you’re going to end up that night,” she told ABC News. “It adds a little spice to the day.”

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