Woman Hangs On to Brother’s Beard for Dear Life in Unbelievable Roller-Skating Stunt

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Billy and Emily England, a brother-sister roller-skating duo, shocked everyone on America’s Got Talent when they attempted a death-defying stunt that was so difficult and painful they couldn’t even practice it beforehand. When the duo did attempt the stunt during rehearsals, Emily fell and smashed the back of her head on the ground. However, they decided to push through with the performance. Billy stated, “We only have one chance to do this. We’re taking a huge risk by doing a trick we’ve never done before. We are gonna do whatever it takes to get through to the live shows.”

Of course, the judges were all afraid when they found out that the performance they were about to watch would be the very first time the pair attempted it live, and even more afraid when they watched Emily wrap her fist around Billy’s beard and hang on for beard life as he rapidly spun her around in circles!

Guest judge Laverne Cox, who actually screamed during the stunt, later shared, “It was so horrifying! I wonder, like, if we put you through, then what do you come back and do next, and will America be having a heart attack?” While Heidi Klum stated that it was “the best act of the day.” Howie Mandel also hilariously pointed out a pile of beard hairs on the stage that were pulled out as a result, which must be what they mean when they say to leave it all on the stage!

But Billy’s tumbleweed of beard hairs was just a small price to pay, because this brother-sister duo is going on to the live shows!

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