Woman has hilarious reaction after she discovers a herd of cows in her back garden

A Hampshire woman had the shock of her life after her a whole herd of cows invaded her garden in the middle of the night, forcing her topless husband to usher them away with a stick.

Molly, 30, who works for the NHS, was in shock when she got out of bed to get a glass water and found out that a herd of cows had invaded her garden.

The video shows Molly's reaction as she discovered the cows had walked down her garden and stood right outside her garden doors.

Molly's husband Dale was forced to go out into the garden topless while Molly was filming the whole situation and usher them away with a big stick

The video of her reaction went viral on TikTok, racking up over five million views and 650,000 likes and counting.

Molly and Dale, 33, moved into their new home in Hampshire three years ago.

The couple's garden leads onto field where they would often see sheep and deer.

Molly explained that while renovating their new home, they took down the chicken coop fence in the back garden and replaced it with plywood.

Throughout the whole three years, neither one of them had seen one cow in the field behind their house, let alone a whole herd.

Molly said: "Last night I was in bed and I went into the kitchen and saw the cows were in the garden and had walked all the way to the bifold doors and we have a long garden.

"I screamed to my husband: 'There are cows in the garden!'

"We are renovating our house, there was a fence at the end of the garden, which we took down.

"My husband replaced it with a bit of plywood as the landowner told us to be careful."

Dale, who works as a roofer, eventually managed to drive the herd of out of the garden.

Molly added: "The cows came in and walked all the way down to the doors and my husband came out and ushered them back into the field.

"Now we are going to up a proper wood fence.

"We lived here for three years and this is the first time this happened."

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