Woman kept awake by loud neighbour receives grovelling apology letter and a box of chocolates

Andy Wells
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A woman who was so angry at the noise coming from her neighbour that she complained to him has now received a grovelling letter and a box of chocolates as an apology.

Zoe Oakes was trying to sleep off a hangover but she was woken up at midnight by the almighty din of her neighbour pacing around and a door repeatedly being slammed in her shared hallway in Finsbury Park, North London.

The noise went on and kept her awake until 3am so Zoe decided to write an angry note and slipped it under her neighbour’s door the next morning before work.

Complaint: Zoe posted a furious note under her neighbour’s door (Caters)

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Her note read: “Hello, we’re the flat downstairs. I live in the room facing the street and last night whoever lives in the room above me came home very late and proceeded to make so much noise that you woke me up and kept me up with that racket until around 3am.

“Could you please be more considerate of your downstairs neighbours? Today I have to go to my 9-5 job with no sleep when you probably get to sleep all day. Your angry tired neighbour.”

The 30-year-old was stunned when she came back home to find a letter herself from her neighbour Pavel, who apologised for all the noise.

A box of chocolates was also left with the note to sweeten the apology.

Apology: Neighbour Pavel said sorry for his antics (Caters)

The letter read: “To: Lady in the room facing street. Please accept this as my apology. I did return y’day around midnight, and did have to unpack.

“I did went to sleep around 2am. Normally I do my best to be mindful, however I apparently slipped y’day. I’m sorry, Pavel. PS I have a 9-5 too, today was brutal.”

Zoe, who is originally from Sydney, said: “I was in shock, it was beyond anything I had expected.”

“I’ve lived in the UK for four years and Finsbury Park is so lovely, but it’s really weird as over here you don’t really know your neighbours.

“We have a shared hallway and he lives upstairs but we’ve never spoken before.”

Peace: The pair are now on good terms with each other (Caters)

Having scoffed all the chocolates, Zoe wrote another letter back to Pavel, thanking him for the gift and a truce has been called between them.

She added: “Peace has now broken out. He must be a super-organised person to want to unpack at that time.

“But hopefully in future he’ll be a bit more considerate and leave the unpacking until later.”

Top pic: Caters

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