Woman Nearly BLINDED From Horror Injury After Blowing Her Nose Too Hard

A woman had to visit A&E after her eyes blew up to the size of golf balls when she blew her nose too hard.

The unnamed woman was told that she was nearly blinded after she forcefully blew her nose four hours before her trip to hospital.

Shocking pictures show how her eyes swelled up so much that she was unable to see - while her nose was also FRACTURED.

The 32-year-old visited the Leicester Royal Infirmary and was told by doctors that she had a condition known as orbital emphysema - a swelling that is caused by trapped air around the soft tissue of the eye.

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) said of the case: “Although orbital emphysema is usually associated with trauma, this case highlights a spontaneous cause due to forceful nose blowing.

"A spontaneous nasal bone fracture has never been previously reported in the literature.”

Fortunately the woman in this case recovered after being treated with antibiotics - although doctors believe she could have been permanently blinded if she had not been treated.

The condition is usually seen in people who have suffered head or face injuries.

Pics: BMJ Case Reports

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