Woman promised new kitchen says she's still waiting five years on

Rosita Robinson pictured in her kitchen at home in Bilborough, Nottingham in bright blue ripped effect jumper with microwave to right hand side and kitchen utensils visible in background
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

A woman who was promised a new kitchen by her housing association when she moved in says she is still waiting - five years later. Rosita Robinson moved into her property on Meldreth Road in Bilborough in 2020 on the pretence that the home's shoddy kitchen would be replaced.

But Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) has repeatedly pushed back her date of installation - to 2022, then 2023, then 2024 and now 2025. And it's just one of a long list of problems Miss Robinson, who Nottinghamshire Live first spoke to in December, has had with her home.

She said: "I've been doing nothing but crying since I moved in here. It's affected my physical, mental and psychological health. I have tension in my head. I used to have long, long hair - that's all dropped out. I've lost lots of weight and now have to take iron and vitamin B tablets. In a nutshell, I'm exhausted. MTVH has let me down and failed me. They're not there for their tenants."

Miss Robinson, 57, moved to her current bungalow in March 2020. It is the latest in a number of MTVH properties she has lived in, having been a tenant with the association for 30 years.

She said she wasn't too fond of the current property, but was told that she wouldn't be offered another if she didn't accept it. She was also told that the 20-year-old kitchen, with its rusty door handles and cupboards falling off their hinges, would be ripped out and a new one put in.

She was initially told it would be done in the same year, in around July of 2020. But despite the company replacing her bathroom and sorting out other reported issues, the kitchen went untouched.

After what Miss Robinson describes as "lots of chasing and fighting", MTVH told her she'd receive a confirmation letter and that the kitchen would be completed at some point between 2021 and 2022. Excited, she bought a table and chairs in October 2021 from B&Q for £600 and other kitchen essentials, which cost her around £200, from Amazon, eBay and other local businesses.

But time went by and she heard nothing. She finally contacted MTVH again in July 2023, at which point she was promised that she'd have her letter by November or December and that the works would be done by April 2024.

But she'd still had no letter by January - so again, she picked up the phone. This time, she was told she'd get a letter by the end of the month and that the fitting would take place before the end of the year.

But that didn't happen either. She rang again and was told a letter would come by the end of June.

Someone finally came to look at the kitchen in May. Then she was told the letter would come within the next two weeks - but when it did, it said that they were now aiming to have the kitchen completed in 2025.

By this point, Miss Robinson had had enough. She filed a complaint and, unhappy with how it was being dealt with, opened a case with the ombudsman.

Her unopened table, chairs and other utensils are still packaged, two and a half years on, in her living room. A spokesperson for MTVH said: “We regret the anxiety and distress that Ms Robinson has been experiencing.

"We have worked hard to respond to all concerns Ms Robinson has raised with us, and on occasion have agreed to complete work that goes above and beyond our remit. For example, at the resident’s request we agreed to remove the back garden’s flower beds which would usually not be our responsibility as the social housing provider.

“We replace kitchens in our properties as part of cyclical programme, and while Ms Robinson’s kitchen will be part of that programme it is not currently due for renewal due to the number of years that have passed since the previous installation. We are sorry if we have not made that sufficiently clear to our resident.”

“To satisfy ourselves as to the condition of Ms Robinson’s kitchen, our staff visited the property on 6 June 2023 to undertake a thorough survey and we were pleased that it was fully functioning and safe kitchen for use. As this concern has been raised with us again, we will arrange a further visit in the coming weeks and ensure a member of the Surveying Team undertakes another inspection to ensure the kitchen meets all standards and is a good and fully compliant kitchen for use.”

"We work to ensure all homes are clean and well-maintained before we let them. At the time Ms Robinson moved into her home in 2021 we were not made aware she had concerns about its condition. Ms Robinson has been our resident for over three decades, and we arranged for her to move to the home she now lives in at her request.

"We arranged for her to view several properties before seeing this one, which she viewed several times before accepting. Over the years we have provided various forms of additional support to Ms Robinson and will continue to seek ways to assist her.”