This woman rejected an unwanted advance with a 'Matrix back bend.' Now she's gone viral.

Could the “Matrix back bend” be the new “giving the Heisman”?

As reports, a Texas college student’s back-bending move to avoid an unsolicited advance on the dance floor has gone viral, with the original poster dubbing it “the strongest curve of 2018.”

Kire Davis’s video footage of 21-year-old Olivia Tremblay at a nightclub in the Dallas, Texas, suburb of Frisco has already gotten more than 292,000 likes and been retweeted 88,000 times since it was posted on March 11.

Davis, who had met Tremblay that evening through mutual friends, happened to be filming her for a Snapchat video when she was approached by a man who leaned in a little too close. Tremblay didn’t miss a beat as she dramatically leaned far back, prompting the would-be suitor to flee.

“She was curving guys left and right all night,” Davis told “Definitely just a super sweet and funny girl enjoying her night with her best friend.”

The video has resonated with women who are fed up with men who invade their personal space.

Men, meanwhile, are wincing from watching the the stinging rejection, and compare Tremblay’s moves to various pop culture phenomena.

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