Woman Rejects Criticism of Video Showing Boy Hauling Dog in Manila

A woman who shot a viral video of a boy in the Santa Cruz area of Manila carrying a dog across the road found herself having to defend her region’s way of life and explain to the international Dogspotting Facebook group that the sight was “normal."

Philippines native Maria Dominica Belmonte uploaded footage of the determined boy and his immovable dog to the Dogspotting group on September 5. While most people commenting felt the video was heartwarming or funny, some comments on the post questioned why no adults were helping the child.

The footage shows the child trying to persuade the dog to cross the road, before finally picking him up and bringing him across three lanes of traffic.

Belmonte wrote to Storyful that the child “lives in that area” and that “he was on his way home after playing outside with his dog. Because in our country not every kid is privilege [sic] and owns gaming consoles or other toys. This is how kids, even me back then, pass our time.”

She said that when she uploaded the video to the Facebook group “many foreigners thought that the kid was in danger,” however, she said, “I would like to inform everyone that this is near a market and the kid was in no harm because this is normal in our country.” Credit: Maria Dominica Belmonte via Storyful