Woman rescued after car crashes through ice on frozen river

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A woman has been rescued after her car smashed through the ice of a Canadian river.

Locals used kayaks to retrieve the woman from her sinking vehicle on the Rideau River in Ottawa.

Witnesses told local media a car driving on the frozen river crashed through the ice and into the cold water on Sunday.

Footage shows the woman standing on the back of her almost fully submerged yellow car.

One photo appears to show the woman taking a selfie as her car begins sinking beneath the ice.

The woman was able to get in the kayak as her rescuers used a rope to pull her to safety.

Paramedics reportedly said the woman declined to be treated at the scene.

Charged with dangerous driving

Ottawa Police said the woman had been charged with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

"The vehicle is still in the river and could pose as a hazard for curious onlookers venturing out on the ice," the force said in a statement.

In another statement, the police said: "This evening a car went through the ice in the south end of Ottawa.

"Thankfully no injuries and an amazing job by local residents saving the driver by using a kayak and quick safe thinking.

"Another reminder that 'No Ice Is Safe Ice'. Please use extreme caution this winter season!"