A woman revealed where service dogs are kept at Disney World when they can't join their owners on rides

  • A woman recently shared where service dogs are kept while their owners go on Disney World rides.

  • While service animals can go on select rides, they aren't allowed on more intense ones.

  • The dog owner explained that Disney offers crates monitored by employees for those instances.

Disney World isn't just for kids — it's for service dogs, too.

TikToker Disney Husky Life recently shared a video — narrated from the perspective of her Husky named Everest — that explains where service dogs are held while their owners go on rides that aren't safe for animals.

Using the Hollywood Studios attraction Rise of the Resistance as an example, the TikToker explained that while she can walk through the queue with her animal, the dog isn't actually allowed on the ride, which features intense movement and a drop.

"Here I am meeting up with a cast member. This cast member is going to take my mom and I all the way to the back — basically 'Star Wars' backstage — and over there, a cast member is going to watch over me while mom enjoys the ride without me," the video narration says.

The video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times as of Wednesday.

Rise of the Resistance has a long, interactive queue that parkgoers walk through before entering the actual ride. The last stop in the line is a massive room filled with stormtroopers, where parkgoers are "taken" by the First Order.

It was that room where the parkgoer and her service dog were briefly held so that the ride's backstage kennel could be cleared of another service animal, the TikToker said in her video.

"All kennels are safely sanitized before and after each dog's use," she wrote over her video.

Once the spot was ready, the parkgoer and her dog were escorted to the private area through a hidden path. Her parents, however, were required to wait for her outside.

The TikToker then showed the kennel — a standard, wire dog crate — and said a Disney employee would stay with the service animal until she finished riding the attraction.

She then retrieved her dog at the ride's exit and continued her day at the theme park.

Earlier in the video, the TikToker explained that service dogs are allowed on any ride that doesn't have a height requirement.

They're also free to walk around the theme park with their owners, meet characters, and enjoy Disney World snacks.

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