Woman reveals what happens when you don’t clean your hairbrush in viral TikTok

Have you ever cleaned your hairbrush? This TikTok user reveals why you should by opening up the mould hidden inside! "OMG I'm shocked, I need to do mine," one user said. "I'm so scared to open mine, I've had it for years," another commented. Armed with mould spray and a toothbrush, Chloe (@cleanitwithchlo) gets to work - and it's deeply satisfying. She told Newsflare: "My friend has been using this Tangle Teaser hairbrush in the shower for three years... and has never cleaned it! "So I thought I would open it up and have a look... I was disgusted. It was full of BLACK MOULD! So I cleaned it up, and now it’s good as new. By cleaning it, it means I don’t have to throw up away and add to plastic waste!"