Woman reveals how she soft-launched divorce from husband: ‘I would be checking your page daily’

Sierra Gonsalves (@sierraontiktok) recently posted a video explaining how she slowly announced to the world that she was divorced.

Gonsalves decided not to give her followers all the information at once, so she soft-launched the fact she and her former husband split.

“Am I a celebrity? No. Am I an influencer? No. Do my followers care? Probably not,” she said. “But this was fun for me, and it helped me cope for a little bit.”

Although this process began in November of 2022 when she was deciding whether to get a divorce, Gonsalves officially began her soft launch in January of 2023 by posting a five-slide photo dump with no pictures of her husband in it.

After a few Instagram story posts, @sierraontiktok went further into her soft launch. She changed her Facebook profile picture from her and her husband to a photo of just her and also made her relationship status on Facebook private. The last step of her soft launch was to get rid of all the pictures of her ex on Instagram.

People were enamored with the clues she was dropping and were sure they’d be able to figure out what was going on in the moment.

“As a nosy follower, we do care. Also I notice almost immediately,” replied @mynameisn0tellen.

With months of preparation, Gonsalves posted her video recapping what she’d been doing and considered it the hard launch of her divorce.

“Now that everyone has found my account, ‘Hi. I’m getting divorced,’” she said.

Gonsalves’ tactic is the opposite of what a soft launch is normally used for. Usually, users will implement a soft launch at the start of the relationship, letting their followers know that someone special is in the picture without giving specifics.

The only thing viewers wondered after the video was why she and her ex-husband got a divorce — which she did not reveal.

Nevertheless, she’s now completed the process of a months-long soft launch and a hard launch to confirm all the hints from her social media page.

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