'You won't believe what I got sent': TikToker stunned by bad date's response to her rejection

A woman says a bad date sent her an invoice after she refused to see him again.

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TikToker @fifihopes gave her followers a rundown of the situation in a video. After going out with a guy she wasn’t that into, things got strange. Then they just got outright absurd.

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She said he insisted on paying even though she turned down his offer. Then he started to ask her questions like when was the first and last time she had sex.

He became upset after she revealed she had plans for after, so she invited him. She kissed him. Then they parted ways. Later, he messaged her and assumed they would see each other again. But she told him she wasn’t feeling it.

“Convo was good, made you laugh all day, got along with your friend, did things you wanted to do and it’s not like there wasn’t sexual attraction. Or what does romantic connection look like to you?” the date wrote in a text.

Then he sent her an invoice for £28 or $32.12.

“This is a real-life invoice for £28. The cheek of him. Do you think I’m gonna pay?” she said. “Would you pay? I don’t feel like I’m a commodity and if I don’t give in then I should pay someone back.”

People didn’t think she owed the guy a single thing.

“So he only paid because he thought he was getting a return on it. Don’t pay you owe him nothing,” a user replied.

“Send him an invoice for your time spent and any products you used getting ready for the date,” another suggested.

“Payment for dinner does not equal anything more!!” a TikToker said.

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