Woman says boyfriend is 'considering leaving' her over her 'lewd' choice of daily snack

Couple arguing
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Have you ever experienced the 'ick' because of someone's eating habits?

Maybe the sound of someone munching crisps with their mouth open gets under your skin, or perhaps it's the slurping of spaghetti that really irks you.

However, one woman's snack habit has reportedly put her three-year relationship on rocky ground, leaving many utterly astonished. The 24-year-old cheese fan's love for mozzarella, specifically 'ball-shaped' pieces seasoned with just a pinch of salt, is at the centre of the controversy.

This isn't an occasional indulgence; it's her daily 'snack of choice', always stocked in the fridge for a 'quick, cheap and easy bite'. Her 25-year-old boyfriend, who was introduced to her cheesy obsession when they shared three cheese boards on their first date, seems to have had enough.

The woman took to Reddit anonymously, revealing her dilemma: "I don't think he knew what he was getting into with my snacking. He probably didn't expect to see me eat mozzarella balls on the daily. I thought he was fine with it but now he's making an issue out of it and I don't know if I should stop."

In a peculiar turn of events, a woman's boyfriend has taken issue with the shape of her favourite snack - mozzarella balls - because they remind him of 'another man's' anatomy. She explained: "He tells me that seeing me eat [you know].. ball-shaped cheese makes him uncomfortable. He says that it is lewd.

"I was really confused and I told him that I don't think this is that big of a deal and that it's literally cheese but he told me the imagery still grosses him out. I thought we could work through this but after a while, he said it might be a deal breaker if I don't stop, afterwards he left for work."

In an attempt to resolve the matter, he suggested she switch to eating shredded or string-shaped mozzarella, but she found this suggestion unreasonable.

"I know this is so high maintenance of me but mozzarella balls are just my favourite snack," she insisted. "The texture, the taste... it's just so good. I like shredded cheese and string cheese but they just aren't the same."

She considered compromising by purchasing smaller mozzarella balls from Belgioioso in hopes it wouldn't upset him, yet she worried it might enable his behaviour.

"I want to make him comfortable but this feels really controlling and unnecessary," she confessed.

The revelation quickly attracted a deluge of comments on the platform, as numerous users rebuked the boyfriend for his extreme actions. One individual commented: "This is bizarre and offensive controlling behaviour from him. He's essentially s***-shaming you for eating cheese. MASSIVE red flag."

Another quipped, "Mozzarella before men," while a third added their voice saying: "Equating mozzarella balls with another man's testicles is the stretch of the century. He needs therapy."