Woman says she 'flaunts her rolls and cellulite in bikinis' for important reason

Danae Mercer Ricci poses in a bikini
-Credit: (Image: danaemercer/Instagram)

A woman has embarked on a mission to expose the 'lies' that get spread on social media regarding body image.

Danae Mercer Ricci, a 36-year-old American, has been sharing self-love advice on Instagram for years, amassing an impressive following of 2.3million people with her authentic and unfiltered posts.

Her latest message is aimed at teenage girls, urging them to stop worrying about their physical appearance and instead embrace their youth.

In a bold post, she warned her followers that social media is "lying" to them, emphasising that skin rolls and folds are a normal part of the human body and should not be hidden.

Danae Mercer Ricci poses in a bikini
She often exposes her unfiltered body online -Credit:danaemercer/Instagram

She further highlighted that bodies do not always appear as they do on social media due to posing and editing. When relaxed, individuals can look significantly different from their online personas.

Danae encouraged young women to understand that their bodies are not "flawed", but rather it's society's beauty standards that are problematic. She also reminded her followers that social media only presents a "highlight reel" of a person's life and should not be given undue attention.

In a candid video, she demonstrated her points by showcasing how her own body appears from various angles and positions. The mother proudly displayed her cellulite and other natural body features to reinforce that these are completely normal.

Danae took to Instagram to inspire her followers with a heartfelt message, saying: "Dear teens online: your body is so much 'better' than you think. It's more incredible than you realise: Powerful. Healthy. Full of movement and energy and strength and potential.

"I know you don't feel that way now. But one day, when you're 20 or 30, you will. You will. And while I might not know what it's like, growing up in today's world, with AI and filters and perfect Influencers, I do know this.

"Social media is lying to you. My gosh it's lying to you. So don't let it make you hide your wonderful tummy behind cushions, or your legs behind compression gear, or your soul behind a screen."

She added: "You deserve so much more than a future where you look back and mourn for all the minutes you wasted hating the body, the home, you have today."

"You deserve joy and life, lived, unapologetic and full of memories. You deserve to show up as you."

The post quickly resonated with many, garnering over 43,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Women thanked Danae for her candour and for encouraging young women to embrace self-love.

One commenter expressed their newfound appreciation for their body, saying: "I love my belly and back rolls. At least they hold on to me in good andbBad times. Not like most people I know."

While another shared their gratitude for Danae's positive influence, adding: "Your posts make me so happy, while I don't wish I had social media when I was young, I wish I saw more of this. Thank you for sharing! ".

Another fan responded: "'Ive always used a pillow to hide my tummy since I was 12-13 years old. Now 2 children down and think back to being young and my weight was fine wishing I was that tiny again. I still do it now, makes me feel more comfortable putting a pillow in the way."

While someone else chipped in: "I've been following you for a couple of years now and I still never tire of your content. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Keeping spreading the truth, girlie!"