Woman sends her crush a persuasive PowerPoint presentation outlining why he should date her

Liz Connor

In the age of internet dating, how do you get your crush to notice you?

One student from America has devised a novel way to bag the date of your dreams - by putting together a detailed PowerPoint presentation bullet pointing exactly why you’re perfect spouse material.

Lizzy Fenton, who is studying at the University of Minnesota, put her Microsoft Office skills to good use by creating a very detailed and persuasive presentation to send to her crush, in the hopes of getting him to ask her on a date.

In the illustrated slideshow, called ‘Why You Should Date Me’, Lizzy explains: “Sick of your family nagging you to get a serious girlfriend? Look no further.”

The PowerPoint, which she shared to Twitter, then outlines three bullet points next a photo of her with a female chum.

The points reveal: “I am a tantalising conversationalist and can hold riveting table talk with your parents.

“I am well dressed and will look classy at Thanksgiving dinner, family reunions and other events of the like.”


She then goes on to point out her “edgy yet tasteful sense of humour” that she assures will be sure to win over any guy’s mother.

The pitch doesn’t stop there. Lizzy’s slides also reveal how dating her is like dating three different girls, thanks to her versatile hair which can be styled in several different ways - which she illustrates with photographic proof.

Scientific Lizzy also included a tongue-in-cheek slide dedicated her figure, explaining how her “boobs exhibit steady growth over time”, complete with a graph and statistical analysis.


The witty singleton also explains how she is “financially stable” with ties to “benefactors” - aka her mum and dad.

Just incase her guy still wasn’t convinced, Lizzy rounded off the slides with a few endorsements from ‘critics’ such as Channing Tatum (“Wanted to ask her out, but she’s way out of my league”) and ‘your ex girlfriend’ (“She’s definitely an upgrade. Nice work, old sport.”)


Sadly, her crush - simply known as ‘Carter’ - was not blown away by the persuasive pitch.

He simply replied to the Powerpoint with a short email that reads: “This is very nice. Please stop contacting me.”

Let’s hope the next target of her affection is more appreciative of her efforts.