Woman shares 1p hack that stops flies coming into your home during the summer

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The return of the sun and an impending heatwave means Brits are set to be besieged by flies invading our homes.

With temperatures soaring this summer is tipped to be the UK's hottest on record keeping windows and doors shut becomes a challenge.

However, you can keep your home open to the breeze without the nuisance of flies if you try out this clever 1p coin trick.

Complaints about house fly infestations and painful horsefly bites have spiked as people spend more time outdoors and leave their windows open throughout the day.

Consequently, there's been a surge in demand for effective methods to prevent flies from entering houses during the warm weather, reports the Express.

It's important to note that there's a call to refrain from killing flies this summer.

In the popular Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, which boasts over 635,000 members, a user sought advice on how to fend off these pesky insects, posting: "Has anyone got any home remedies to deter house flies? They are making me mad! Please help."

The query garnered numerous responses offering various homemade solutions, with one person recommending a nifty sandwich bag filled with pennies.

A cleaning aficionado claimed that hanging a clear plastic bag filled with water and coins near the entrance works wonders, stating it "stopped them from coming in".

The contributor elaborated: "Not sure why it works but it does reduce them."

Supporters of the method have confirmed that using 1p and 2p coins can be effective, especially when hung near open doors or windows.

One individual explained that the combination of a water-filled bag and coins creates an illusion of a predator to the fly's compound eyes, which helps to deter them.

Fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have also recommended alternatives such as citronella candles, incense, and inserting cloves into a lemon half. Additionally, they suggest growing herbs like basil and lavender near entrances to repel flies.

A comment from one person shared their experience: "We used to grow basil by the back door when we lived in Western Australia as they were so bad."

Another added advice on prevention: "There are a few different herbs that are recommended to grow around the doorways to help keep flies at bay. I would google to see what is recommended."