Woman shares 'genius' hack to banish flies from your garden - but there's a catch

Cleaning patio slabs with a pressure washer.
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

With summer now here, British residents are keen to enjoy their gardens well aware that the UK's sunnier days are often short-lived. But outdoor gatherings can quickly be spoiled by an all too common nuisance: irritating flies.

A swarm of flies can swiftly turn a barbecue or garden party sour, prompting a barrage of swats and strong language. Faced with such frustration, one innovative woman took to TikTok to share a "genius" method for keeping flies at bay.

TikTok user @yana_mom uploaded a clip instructing viewers how to "keep the flies away this summer". In her video, she reveals an infestation of flies beneath her moving bins a sight that would unsettle most.

She added text to her footage stating: "POV: You try the Pine Sol hack to get rid of flies and."

The following segment shows her saturating her patio with Pine Sol and cleaning it vigorously with a mop. She subsequently declares success, saying: "It really works."

Once the area is treated, she replaces her bins into what is now a fly-free area. The tip has sparked curiosity and approval amongst her followers, with one commenting: "I definitely need to try this".

However, others question the durability of this anti-fly tactic. One inquisitive follower asked: "How often does this need to be done? Do you know by any chance?"

Answers from others ranged from a blunt "have fun scrubbing every single day cause this only works for a couple hours max" to a simply defeated "every single day".

Pine Sol, which is available for purchase from Amazon in the UK, has a local equivalent known as Dettol. It's believed that Pine Sol's distinctive scent repels flies.