Woman shares recipe for 'rare chicken strips' and people are feeling pretty sick

Horrific (Picture: Facebook)

It’s not often that we go out for a fine steak, but it’s always the same choice when we do – medium rare with the juices flowing.

But chicken is a whole different game. Full of bacteria and often salmonella, there’s a good reason why we’ll cook it until it becomes whiter than white.

It’s for this very understandable reason that people have become baffled and grossed out by Facebook user Dakota Jean – who attempted to prank the internet by sharing a recipe for ‘medium rare chicken strips.’

Yes, you did hear that correctly.

Oh hell no (Picture: Facebook)

Posting on Facebook, the beauty school student wrote: ‘Just made medium rare chicken strips. They’re so good can’t believe I haven’t tried it like this before.

‘Cant wait to dig in with my homemade salad and veges. #healthy #newyearsresolution #clean#cleaneating #vegan.’

Here’s where the whole thing originated (Picture: Facebook)

Aside from the fact that chicken is most definitely not suitable for vegans – people were pretty grossed out and completely fell for it.

One user wrote: ‘We will see a post tomorrow about how sick you are and can’t get out of bed without throwing up. Lol.’

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Dakota has now revealed the truth- but she DID take the photo from someone else – and we’re not sure whether they had genuinely eaten it.

For their sake, and the sake of their belly, we sincerely hope they didn’t.