Woman shares 'savoury cereal' dinner recipe – leaving many foodies divided

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

If you're a fussy eater struggling with meal ideas, one woman's creative solution might just be the culinary inspiration you need.

The innovative foodie, known as @vvardy on social media, introduced what she calls "savoury cereal" for dinner, and it's causing quite the stir online. In her viral TikTok video, which amassed over 72,000 likes, she presents a mix of potato pops, stuffing balls, chicken pops, and mini kievs, all swimming in gravy inside an edible Yorkshire pudding bowl.

As she pours the gravy, she remarked: "Yeah, I've overshot it but what the hell? You're welcome." The concept left TikTok users divided, with some hailing it as "genius" and others questioning its nutritional value.

One enthusiastic user exclaimed: "This is genius how has such a connoisseur of beige food such as myself never thought of this. You've changed my life."

Another was equally impressed, commenting: "WHAT A CONCEPT omg," while someone else requested: "I will have savoury cereal thrice please."

A fourth admirer declared: "This is the best invention ever thank you."

Yet, not everyone was convinced, with critics suggesting healthier alternatives. One viewer suggested: "This, half the portion, replace that half with veg."

Another individual commented: "I can't eat an all beige meal. It needs colour such as peas and carrots or sprouts if you want to keep the round theme."

One final user jested: "Savoury cereal... so, soup?"

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