Woman shares the creepy device alleged intruders used to break into her hotel room: 'Scariest experience of my life'

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A woman shared the phrase that may have saved her life after someone allegedly used an eerie device to break into her hotel room.

TikTok user Josie Bowers (@josiebowers10) posted a duet with a video from another user who warned their followers to look out for a wire contraption with a hook on it.

“If you ever see this come under the door, run IMMEDIATELY,” the text in the original video said. 

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Bowers said she’d seen the device before. Her encounter with it happened when she was 15 and on vacation with her family in Delaware, where they were visiting from Ontario.

“Always use the deadbolt!! Scariest experience of my life,” she wrote in video.

The TikToker claimed that while the rest of her family was at the beach, she returned to the hotel to take a shower. 

“I heard these noises, I went to go see what it was and it was this contraption. I was just standing there in my towel,” she alleged, adding that someone eventually opened the door slightly and she slammed it shut.

In a second video, she disclosed more information. Bowers explained that she was so shocked that she didn’t think to grab the device or call the police, and she didn’t have cell phone service.

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She claimed that when the door opened a crack, she slammed it shut and put the deadbolt on. Whoever was on the other side of the door allegedly said they were “services” and that they were there to fix the door.

When she opened the door to see if there were really workers present, Bowers claimed they were dressed in jeans and a T-shirt — not the typical attire for that kind of hotel. Concerned they could hurt her, she tapped into something her stepfather had told her in the past, she said in a third video

“So I think I’m very smart for this one, my stepdad is a police officer, he taught me never to let people know you’re alone,” she said. “I yelled ‘hey dad, there’s someone here to fix the door.’ As soon as they thought that I wasn’t alone, and potentially my dad was there, they ran, they were gone.”

Bowers said she’s glad she had the experience so she could teach people about it. 

Commenters were thoroughly spooked.

“I’m rarely ever scared but this got me,” one said

“This app gives me new fears on the daily,” another wrote.

Deadbolt those doors, people. 

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