Woman shares how she went to the Maldives for less than £50 a day – including flights

The Maldives is a stunning place but commonly associated with honeymoons, weddings, and visited by the rich and famous - but one savvy traveller has found easy ways to do the holiday on a budget (stock image)
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A savvy woman has shared how she managed to enjoy a luxurious holiday without breaking the bank, thanks to a few simple tricks.

We've all seen those stunning images of shimmering, crystal-clear seas and tranquil sandy beaches as people jet-off to the Maldives. The breathtaking destination, which holds the title for being Asia's smallest country, is a 10 to 11-hour flight away from the UK. t's become a favourite for weddings and honeymoons and is frequently visited by celebrities.

As per Travel Republic, the average cost of a two-week escapade to the Maldives stands around £3,400 per person - this includes transport, accommodation, meals, and some activities. Of course, prices vary depending on where you lodge and when you choose to visit.

Those who dream of experiencing this picturesque paradise often spend years stashing away savings for their ultimate trip.

However, travel influencer Kara says she managed to visit the luxury destination on a budget.

Kara is dedicated to helping people explore their desired travel destinations without splurging extravagant amounts. She declared her low-cost travel experience to the Maldives a "massive success", managing to spend no more than £50 per day.

Along with her friend Tasha, Kara journeyed from the UK to Male, the capital of the Maldives, and chronicled their adventure on TikTok. They successfully navigated through immigration, stating that the visa was free of charge.

Finally, it was time to reach their accommodations - but rather than opting for the standard seaplanes or speedboats, they cleverly located a ferry terminal outside the airport. The transportation cost them just 77p per person to reach the main city.

As they waited for a second ferry to whisk them away to Thulusdoo, the pair indulged in a Burger King meal costing just £7. Proceeding their brief quick meal stop, they hopped on the subsequent ferry, a journey which, taking two hours, cost a mere £1.20.

They could have opted for a speedboat that took only half an hour, but with a steep price of £25, they decided against it. Upon arrival at the terminal, a hotel staff member bearing a golf buggy was ready to pick them up.

Instead of choosing one of the more popular islands for their stay, Kara disclosed how much more financially viable staying on one of the local islands proved to be. "It was way cheaper," she elaborated further.

The cost of their beachfront hotel? A reasonable £28 per person per night, tourist taxes and breakfast inclusive.

To welcome in the holiday spirit properly, they found themselves admiring the sunset before indulging in a dinner that set them back a meagre £6.50. The day, in all its entirety, cost Kara only £41.67, and this included accommodation, two sumptuous meals, and two ferry trips.

"I did not think the Maldives was going to be this affordable," Kara expressed her surprise. Her video on TikTok, shared under @okay.kara. travels, accumulated a staggering 3million views.

One viewer related to Kara's method of travelling: "We did the Maldives on a budget." While another regretted not stumbling across her tips earlier, as they said: "I'm just back from the Maldives and we were over £10,000 - only five nights as well."

Someone else was starkly surprised, adding: "Never thought it could be affordable! Amazing."