Woman shares video of moment coworker informed her that her microphone was on while complaining on Zoom call

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A woman has gone viral after sharing a video to TikTok of the moment a coworker pointed out that she had been complaining while her microphone was still on during a Zoom call.

Alexandra Ceberio, 24, from Long Island, New York, who goes by the username @alllyvert on TikTok, shared the video to TikTok last week, along with the caption: “Second day of work things.”

In the clip, which took place during her second day at a new sales job, according to BuzzFeed, Ceberio was filming her outfit for her friends, and complaining that none of her coworkers had turned their cameras on for the virtual meeting, when she was informed that she could be heard.

“My work from home fit today, some f***ing bullshit, because I got ready and everyone has their cameras off,” Ceberio could be heard saying in the video as she showed off her outfit. “So I got this frizzy a** gym hair from yesterday, this shirt is from…”

However, as Ceberio shared details of her outfit, she was then interrupted by a coworker, who informed her via Zoom: “Hey guys, I can hear you, just so you’re aware.”

The clip then captured Ceberio’s reaction to the realisation, with the TikTok user seen frozen on the screen as she registers what happened before whispering: “He can hear me” and covering her mouth.

The video, which Ceberio uploaded to TikTok, has since accumulated more than 493,000 views, with hundreds of people amused by the work mistake.

“Haha I would quit immediately,” one person commented, while another wrote: “I would have logged off and never looked back.”

Someone else added: “This is my biggest fear.”

However, while “embarrassing,” Ceberio told BuzzFeed that the video, taken while she was on a break during Zoom training and trying to film a Snapchat for her friends, could have been worse, as her boss wasn’t on the call.

“Luckily my boss or anyone important wasn’t on it, but it was still so embarrassing,” she said, adding: “After the video ended I muted myself, and literally tried to change my voice for the rest of the call. I did not speak unless I was spoken to.”

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