This woman had six ribs removed to look like a cartoon character

Pixee Fox is determined to make her 16 inch waist smaller [Photo: Rex Features]

When it comes to altering our look, we’re happy to settle for a new contour routine or some eye-opening mascara. Nothing too excessive, and (more importantly) nothing too expensive.

But one woman with none of these reservations is Pixee Fox, who has currently spent around half a million pounds changing her body. We’re not just talking perfectly sculpted cheekbones, either, because Fox has had over 200 procedures, including the removal of six ribs.

Fully grown women have 12 sets of ribs, meaning that Fox’s decision to optionally remove some of hers is more than slightly dangerous. Her now 16 inch waist means she likely has a bigger struggle buying jeans with the perfect hip:waist ratio than the rest of us combined. Eventually, she wants to beat the world’s smallest waist, which is 14.5 inches.

Her 16 inch waist is almost the smallest in the world [Photo: ITV]

Aside cutting out important bones, she’s also had work done on her breasts, eyelids and lips. And the reason behind the excessive work? Fox wants to look like Wonder Woman.

Speaking on ‘This Morning’, the former electrician spoke of how, growing up, she spent hours in her own fantasy world, and had a perfect image in her head of what she wanted to look like.

And while many viewers thought she’d already gone a step too far with the body-altering procedures, Fox still has a list of what else she wants to modify. She plans on going to China to alter the colour of her eyes, and to South Korea to have her jaw reshaped.

“I don’t do this for vanity, for me I see myself as a science project,” Fox told ‘This Morning’. “I am a pioneer in the beauty industry. I’m pushing the beauty industry forward. I was the first woman in the world to remove six of my ribs.”

Soon, she’s planning on having a never-before-done plastic surgery that will soon ‘explode’ on the scene. We just hope it doesn’t actually explode. And despite the health concerns surrounding her procedures, she’s convinced that she’ll remain safe as long as she protects herself.

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