Woman spotted eating a picnic just feet away from a cracked cliff edge at notorious cliff fall site

David Harding
The woman has lunch on the cliff edge (Sid Saunders / SWNS.com)

That doesn’t look like a very relaxing lunch.

A woman has been spotted sitting on a cliff edge that has already cracked and seemingly could give way at any moment.

The bizarre took place at Seaford Head, East Sussex, a location popular with walkers and tourists but notorious for rock falls.

It was captured by veteran local photographer Sid Saunders, 74, who was horrified to see the woman sat on the unstable rocks as she ate her lunch.

‘I was enjoying my walk on Tuesday at Seaford Head and I watched a young woman walk pass the metal post warning people off the cliff edge and the possibility of it being unstable,’ said Sid.

‘I was some way from her, but when I looked back I could see to my horror she was sitting eating and drinking on a large crack in the chalk.

The woman seemed unworried by her precarious position (Sid Saunders / SWNS.com)


‘I started to walk back up to warn her but thankfully she got up and walked away in another direction.

‘If you look close you can see the warning marker post that she ignored.’

The site, lovewd by local walkers and tourists, has been the site of a number of cliff falls in the last few months.

Thousands of tonnes of chalk tumbled onto the beach below in the summer, prompting a search operation to check no one had been hurt.

The site is popular with tourists and walkers ( Sid Saunders / SWNS.com)

Sid added: ‘I’m a few weeks away from my 75th birthday, and most days walk eight to ten miles in the Sussex and Kent countryside, and on my cliff walks I notice how stupid some people can be.

‘This was one of the worse things I had seen.’

A South Korean student fell to her death while having her picture taken at the top of the cliff near the beauty spot last June.

Coastguard Maritime Commander, Mark Rodway OBE, said: “We are warning beach goers and coastal walkers to exercise caution in the Seaford cliffs area and keep away from the areas that have now been cordoned off.