This woman studies luxury marketing, has major dating drama and lives in the ‘Emily in Paris’ apartment building

Be it unapologetically or on the low, Emily in Paris has garnered a pretty devoted audience. In fact, as of January 2023, the Darren Star-created series is now Netflix’s most-viewed on the platform.

With that in mind, you can imagine our excitement when we came across a content creator who, in addition to nabbing a studio in the apartment building used for show’s exteriors, appears to have a life pretty similar to Emily Cooper’s.

Model, actress and luxury marketing student Andrada Popa (@andradainparis) first garnered attention when she posted a TikTok of her walking toward to her recognizable apartment building.

“pov: you’re the girl ‘Emily in Paris’ is based on, you live in the actual building, moved country to study luxury marketing, fell for an english man & have more life drama than all 3 seasons combined,” she writes, as Ashley Park‘s “Mon Soleil” plays.

Naturally, fans of the series were curious to learn more about Andrada’s Parisian life.

In a series of follow-up videos, Andrada explains how she got into luxury marketing and, of course, how she ended up living in the same building as Lily Collins’ fashionable and fictional alter ego.

After getting into a Masters program for luxury marketing, Andrada applied for scholarships and was selected to study abroad in Paris.

The already difficult feat of apartment hunting in Paris, however, was made even more difficult by scammers.

“I have been sent fake IDs and fake passports and fake contracts,” she says. “These scams are so elaborate that if you wouldn’t have any prior experience, you would absolutely fall for them.”

Luckily, with just two weeks left to figure out accommodation, Andrada was put in touch with someone who lives in the Emily in Paris building.

“Obviously, I wasn’t going to say ‘no.'”

According to Andrada, the apartment couldn’t have been a better fit.

“And when she said to me that the studio that she found, and the only decent place at a reasonable price in the entirety of Paris was going to be in the same building as Emily in Paris, I was like… I remember I started hysterically laughing,” she says. “Obviously, I wasn’t going to say ‘no.'”

Andrada adds, “It was a lot of stress, a lot of avoided scams. And I guess just a little bit of luck.”

So far, life in Paris seems to be exceeding Andrada’s expectations.

“I am juggling classes every day with my singer-actor career/ working on my upcoming podcast and in my free time, I love exploring the city by foot, finding cosy bookshops to read in, little cafes and museums,” Andrada tells In The Know by Yahoo via email. “I’ve been walking around 20,000 steps a day, so it’s safe to say I am really trying to make the most of it, RIP my poor back haha.”

“‘If I get to Paris sometime soon, I’ll stop by to take a picture.'”

As for how she came to live in the now-famous building? Andrada attributes it to “unconscious manifestation.”

“Exactly a year ago, before I even applied for Sciences Po, I took a screenshot of Lily Collins’ post when she disclosed the location of the apartment and said to myself, ‘If I get to Paris sometime soon, I’ll stop by to take a picture,'” Andrada recalls. “A year later, today, I live in the apartment downstairs from hers. And God knows, trying to find a place in this city was an absolute nightmare & filled with avoided scams.”

Andrada’s even been mistaken for Lily Collins on a few occasions.

“Walking out of the building is always comical as the people taking pictures outside slightly panic in hope that I’m Lily,” Andrada says. “But all in all it’s all just a bit of fun and a wonderful experience I’ll never forget.”

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