Woman stunned by mother-in-law’s ‘insane’ household demand: ‘I can’t believe the entitlement’

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A woman is struggling to figure out what to do about her in-laws’ housing request.

She sought advice out on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. She and her husband have been together since they were teenagers. Now, in their forties, with their two children moving out, they had hoped to downsize. The problem is her relationship with her in-laws is so bad, she stopped speaking to them altogether ages ago. Her husband also reduced contact with his family. But when the in-laws found out about the couple’s move, they were furious.

“Now that both of our children are grown and ready to leave the nest, my husband and I decided to downsize the house and get something with three bedrooms,” the wife explained. “Someplace for just me and my husband when we get ready to retire. Both of our children are in full support of this and have both been keeping an eye out for properties we would be interested in!”

But her mother-in-law didn’t approve of the plan at all.

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“She was under the impression that when our daughter left for college in the fall, that she and [my] father-in-law (FIL) would be moving in with us and we would be taking care of them,” the Reddit poster said. “My husband was confused and asked why they would think that. She stated that as the oldest, it is his responsibility to take care of the elders in the family. Neither one of them are hurting financially and do not suffer from any medical conditions that would require care. Them living here would be an absolute mental and physical burden on both of us. My husband and I discussed it and both agree that this is insane and told both MIL and FIL that whatever they have planned, they will have to find someplace else to go.”

Reddit users assured the wife that she was not in the wrong.

“I can’t believe the entitlement of them. They didn’t even broach the subject with you, just expected,” one person commented.

“She doesn’t want you as a family member until it’s convenient for her,” another wrote.

“Do not let them step one foot inside your home,” someone added.

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